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Corinne Thibaut


International Cinema

The Coca-Cola Company

"‘I have been working with Prill and Sarah from The Blue Stocking Partnership since 2012. They have an exceptionally strong understanding of the cinema channel, particularly with regards to retailing and the food and beverage proposition.  This is why we have been pleased to sign an ongoing master agreement for consulting services between The Coca-Cola Company and The Blue Stocking Partnership. 


They work with us on several cinema projects throughout the year ensuring Coca-Cola continues to provide unique consumer insight and delivering incremental support against our customer’s high expectations.  Blue Stocking represent us with industry partners such as UNIC (Union Internationale des Cinemas) and FilmExpo.  


Since 2006, Blue Stocking has been responsible for supporting Coca-Cola in delivering our sponsorship commitments to Cine Europe.  This includes developing, creating and implementing the look, content and layout of the Coca-Cola booth, the centrepiece of the trade show; developing retail workshop content and partner liaison. Their work is such that I consider them to be an integral part of my team and trust them implicitly" 

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